2. Rolling Mill

External Filtration: Lower production costsEXTERNAL FILTRATION SYSTEM BAG  FOR LARGE QUANTITY OF DIRT. Intervention Cost: € 1,500. (sotto la cartuccia): REDUCE EXISTING FILTERS LOAD: A cartridge lasts from 8 to 10 months now, respect to one change per month.Download PDFRequest infos
The problem
  • Continuous machines downtime;

  • Excessive particle contamination despite an apparently proper Filtration system.

The analysis

The Controils analysis revealed a presence of brass particles inside the oil, allowing to determine the cause of the problem: the excessive particle contamination level was caused by the wearing of milling rolls regulation screws.

The filtration system of the plant was apparently adequate but, in reality, under dimensioned.

The forniture

La Ricambi Udinese applied an external filtration, adding, before the existing filtration system, a filter bag extremely economic capable to manage a large amount of dirt.